Fundraising Policy

Saint Patrick Catholic Church - Fundraising Policy

  • All fundraising activities are to be sponsored by and conducted for the benefit of a ministry of Saint Patrick Parish.
  • The Fundraising Committee is comprised of six individuals that represent the major ministries of the Parish as well as one Parish Team member and one Finance Council member.
  • Any fundraising event may not include corporate sponsorship, gifting or advertising unless approved and defined by the Fundraising Committee. Fundraising events cannot be held to benefit non-sponsored organizations or for-profit entities.
  • A Fundraising Event Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Fundraising Committee for approval preferably before the beginning of the Parish fiscal year – July 1st – or 12 weeks prior to the fundraising event.
  • All fundraising opportunities must be approved annually except standing major events as follows: One (1) event for the Celtic Athletic Ministry, one (1) event for Social Concerns ministries, two (2) events for Saint Patrick Parish, two (2) events for PTO where proceeds go specifically to those ministries. Dates must be submitted and approved including any additional fundraising components within the particular event beyond ticket sales.
  • All income and expenses are to be reported following the event to the Fundraising Committee and Finance Council in a timely manner – 30 days recommended - and net proceeds and recipients will be posted annually at end of the fiscal year by the Finance Council.
  • The full range of fundraising events must adhere to all Federal Government and Commonwealth of Kentucky regulations and licensing requirements, such as gaming, capital prizes or alcohol.
  • 10% of all funds raised are “first fruits” contributions to the parish or 5% to Parish outreach programs and 5% to beneficiary recipient chosen by ministry.
  • All funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year are swept into Parish General Account per Archdiocesan rules.
  • There are certain exemptions such as National Scouting Programs, non-monetary requests or merchandise limited to sales within a Parish ministry. Please consult with the Fundraising Committee for information and guidelines.

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“What we have in the way of possessions, resources, and abilities have been entrusted to us by God. We are called to act as stewards of God’s kingdom”

- Genesis 1:26

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