School Profile and History

School Profile for 2020-2021


Mission Statement:

St. Patrick Catholic School community, partnering with the family, provides students with exceptional spiritual and academic programs deeply rooted in our Catholic faith tradition.

2019-20 Leadership Team:

Fr. Jeff Shooner, Pastor                              
Mr. Nathan Sturtzel, Principal                     
Ms. Zoie Meyer, Assistant Principal  
Ms. Emily Lindon, Guidance Counselor  
Ms. Sarah Coomes, Learning Coordinator
Mrs. Carey Storner, Learning Coordinator      


St. Patrick Catholic School is accredited by advancED. AdvancED is a global leader in advancing excellence in education through continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness through diocesan and school accreditation. In 2017, the school as a member of the Archdiocese of Louisville was recommended for continued accreditation.


St. Patrick Catholic School follows the curriculum framework developed by the Archdiocese of Louisville curriculum office. This framework outlines the national standards being met, the content to be covered and the skills to be taught at each grade level kindergarten through eighth grade. The Archdiocese also makes recommendations regarding textbook selection based on this curriculum framework. The framework may be found at


Grades Preschool-8th grade; 665 students; 22 student/teacher ratio.
St. Patrick also has Instructional Assistants in classrooms K-3, Learning Coordinators, Counselors, Administrators, and volunteers to further support students.

Faculty and Staff:

The primary instructional tool in any educational facility is its staff. In recognizing this educational reality, St. Patrick Catholic School seeks to gather teaching and support personnel who regard the Gospel Message as central to any effective teaching and who strive to become more proficient in their chosen profession, both academically and catechetically. Each teacher recognizes that assessing student needs, teaching essential skills, evaluating progress and participating in professional development opportunities are keys to offering a quality Catholic education.


St. Patrick Catholic School faculty, parish staff, parish school board, and parent-teacher organization believe in providing a school program that is clearly Catholic in character and aims for excellence in academics and recognizes the uniqueness of all students. The faculty, supported by the parish staff, parish school board, and parent-teacher organization, recognizes that students must be prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world and live cooperatively as critical thinkers and problem solvers in a global society. Love of God, human dignity, justice, ecumenism, service to others, stewardship and excellence are among the values lived.


Saint Patrick Catholic School is a suburban elementary school in Louisville, KY, serving students in junior kindergarten through eighth grade.   One week prior to the scheduled opening of the newest Archdiocesan school, anxious teachers prepared their classrooms. The electricity wasn’t connected, floor tiles weren’t laid, and paint wasn’t dry.  Founding pastor, Rev. Jack Schindler, was prayerful and optimistic that the one building for the St. Patrick community would be completed on time. 

On August 25, 1993, Principal Mary Beth Bowling warmly greeted 220 students and 18 staff for their first day at St. Patrick School.  That initial year included one class each of kindergarten through fifth grades and a split classroom of sixth and seventh grades.  However, it wasn’t long before St. Patrick would outgrow its ten-classroom home.  Today, the school serves over 660 students with three classes at each grade level and one junior kindergarten class. In partnership with the family, parish, and civic community, the school assists students in the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values necessary to the development of a mature, responsible individual.

Saint Patrick Catholic School currently sits in the same location that it did when it was originally built in 1993. In August 1996, Miles Hall, named after Bill Miles who was significant in the founding and development of our parish and school, opened with 405 students and 30 staff members.  It was a four-story 17 classroom facility that housed the entire school and parish religion education programs. In a Record article dated August 22, 1996, Principal Mary Beth Bowing said, “I think it’s the community and knowing that their children are safe and knowing that there are people who are committed to Catholic education.  We want what’s best for their children.  I think that’s what keeps our families coming back.”  The addition of the Miles Hall and the Commons wing (2001) gives the school a total of thirty-one classrooms, a library, a gymnasium, an art room, a science lab, an elementary music and middle school drama room, two faculty lounges, kitchen facilities, and a full service cafeteria. There is one technology lab, several carts with laptops for classroom use, and a class set of iPads. SMARTboards can be found in every classroom. The funding for technology initiatives comes from the in-house Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and a student technology fee. The school also has access to Schindler Hall, an all-purpose room for meetings, trainings, and the parish church. The school office and the library, which now contains a media studio, were renovated in the summer of 2011.

Saint Patrick Catholic School has been accredited by the Commonwealth of Kentucky since the onset of the accreditation process by the Kentucky Nonpublic Schools Commission. The school offers a challenging academic and religious curriculum for all students and follows the curriculum framework as outlined by the Archdiocese of Louisville. Students take classes in library science, research technology, art, music and/or drama, physical education, and Spanish. The religious program of the school includes the study of scripture and doctrine, morality, and the sacraments. The students are actively engaged in prayer, liturgy, service opportunities, and stewardship, suited to their developmental needs.

Saint Patrick Catholic School has a teaching staff of 38 full and part-time teachers, 86 percent of whom hold an advanced degree. There is a school leadership team comprised of the principal, assistant principal, learning support coordinator, and school counselor. The teaching staff is also supported by a technology coordinator, a reading resource teacher, and eighteen full and part-time teaching assistants. Each teacher assumes several extra-curricular responsibilities outside the classroom to further the opportunities offered to students.

The mission, vision, and philosophy of the school flow from the five core values: Saint Patrick Catholic School offers a life devoted; a life guided; a life informed; a life engaged; and a life inspired. The mission of the school is straightforward: Saint Patrick Catholic School, in partnership with the parish and neighboring communities, provides students with exceptional spiritual and academic programs. Saint Patrick Catholic School’s vision is all-encompassing: to provide spiritual growth, academic excellence, and social values in a safe and nurturing environment. Saint Patrick Catholic School provides and models Catholic values through stewardship, social justice teaching, and liturgical celebrations; embraces a strong curriculum enhanced by instruction designed to meet the needs of all students; promotes critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and personal investment in a quality education; expands creative and expressive arts and multi-cultural awareness; fosters the development of the whole person; provides technologically advanced resources to prepare students for success in an ever changing world.

Saint Patrick Catholic School students have always excelled on standardized tests both at the local and national levels. On average, 55 percent of fourth graders and 49 percent of seventh grade students are recognized as part of the Duke Talent Identification Program. Graduates of Saint Patrick Catholic School always perform at the highest level on the high school placement test.

Inspired by the example of Saint Patrick as an educator and missionary, students are presented with a two-fold challenge: first, to fulfill their intellectual potential through the pursuit of truth and knowledge; and second, to fulfill their human potential by working for the common good in light of gospel values. In concert with the Archdiocese of Louisville's strategic plan for Lifelong Formation and Education, Saint Patrick Catholic School fosters an atmosphere where academic and cultural differences are acknowledged, respected, and celebrated.

Saint Patrick Catholic School recognizes the individuality of each student. The school seeks to balance academic and spiritual growth with concern for physical and emotional development. Saint Patrick Catholic School provides an environment in which truth and love are developed together.