Athletic Forms

The information provided in the St. Patrick Athletic Handbook is very important and is meant to be read carefully.

Approximately 95% of our students participate in our athletic program. At St. Patrick, we believe that athletic competition provides a wonderful opportunity for our kids to learn the value of teamwork, work ethic, camaraderie, positive attitude, physical fitness and integrity – traits that will lead to success in all endeavors.

Participation requires students and parents to abide by all policies detailed in the Athletic Handbook as well as the Catholic School Athletic Association Handbook.

Additionally, to be eligible to participate in athletics at St. Patrick, the CSAA requires that one of the following must be fulfilled:

    the child is enrolled at St. Patrick or all of the following criteria must be met:

    a.) parents or guardians are members of St. Patrick,
    b.) child has been baptized and celebrated all appropriated sacraments
    c.) attends weekly PREP classes.