Rosary Club

students and principal

 All students are invited to participate in the Rosary Club.

The Rosary Club meets weekly from 2:45 – 4:00. Students learn about not only the Holy Rosary and the prayers, but also the meaning of a heavenly mother and an advocate. Each week the club begins with a new decade of a mystery being said in the sacristy in church. Prayer petitions are offered up to the Blessed Mother at each meeting. The children learn of her devotion to her son and to us. They learn that Jesus performed his first miracle because His mother asked him too. Children can relate to this very well and they understand how much Jesus’ mother meant to Him. During the months of October and May the children do something special in  honor of Mary. An outside chalk rosary and a May procession are activities that the group shares with the rest of the school. Lastly, the group makes rosaries for many groups and individuals. To date they have made close to 13,000 rosaries that have gone all over the world!