Cathy Giangarra


giangarraCatherine Giangarra is the Technology Director for St. Patrick Catholic School. Married to Michael Giangarra, originally from New Haven, Connecticut, she and her family call Louisville home. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology including Computer Education from the University of Louisville. She is working toward her Rank I in Instructional Technology Design. In addition to teaching for the Archdiocese of Louisville, Mrs. Giangarra has taught in Jefferson County Public Schools and traveled for the Kentucky Department of Education as a member of PRISM (Partnership for Reform in Science and Math). She has written articles for several national professional education publications and presented at numerous national conferences.

When not at work supporting the technology needs of the students and staff of St. Patrick Catholic School, Mrs. Giangarra can be found running agility with the family dogs, a Border Collie and an Australian shepherd, and keeping up with what is most important to her, family. Twin daughters, who attend the University of Alabama, a son who is a high school senior at St. X, and a husband who manages mainframe computers for an international company, keep her busy.