Holy Days/Wednesday Night Activities Policy

Holy Days, Wednesdays During Lent/Advent and Triduum
Activities Policy

In the Catholic Community of Saint Patrick, Holy Days, Wednesdays during Lent /Advent and Triduum are set aside as a special times for faith-building and family enrichment.

As a parish seeking to embrace the stewardship way of life, we are committed to offering a first portion of our time, talent and treasure for the work of the Gospel. This stewardship of our time calls us to set aside these Holy Days, Wednesdays of Lent/Advent and Triduum for prayer and worship, for study and
other activities that build up the community of faith, especially within our families.

From the early days of the parish’s existence, Father Jack Schindler, the founding pastor, sought to set aside time free from the conflicting pull of regular parish meetings as well as athletic games and practices, so that the families of the parish might have time available for faith formation and family time
together. We have chosen Holy Days, Wednesdays of Lent/Advent and Triduum to allow time for faith building and family enrichment.

Parish sponsored activities that support worship, faith and family formation may be scheduled for Holy Days, Wednesdays of Lent/Advent and Triduum. These include:

  • Adult Faith Formation events
  • Worship opportunities
  • Religious Education (PREP) classes
  • Youth Ministry formation/worship functions
  • Other activities similar in nature may be authorized by Parish Leadership Team.

All other activities on Holy Days and Wednesdays of Lent/Advent should end by 5:00 pm.

There will be no activities other than noted above during Triduum.

This policy applies to all parish-sponsored activities both on and off the parish campus.

Exceptions should be rare, and in each and every instance be authorized by the Parish Leadership Team.

When CSAA schedules tournament games on Wednesdays during Advent and Lent an exception will be made to accommodate our teams.

Reaffirmed: August 29, 2017- The Pastoral Leadership Team and Rev. Jeffrey P. Shooner, Pastor