K.Y.A. / K.U.N.A.

The student Y is a nationwide Youth & Government program for both middle and high school students. Students attend a three-day conference to share ideas and see government in action.

To learn more about this program, go to: http://www.kyymca.org

KYA (the Kentucky Youth Assembly) is a student led conference that takes place in the early winter. Students meet weekly and work together for a cause by writing bills on state issues. They practice parliamentary procedure and prepare their campaigns for leadership positions such as Governor, Speaker of the House, President of the Senate, and Committee Chairpersons. During the conference, students present and listen to bills, have pro and con debate and rank bills. On the second day of the conference, students travel to Frankfort and take over the state capitol building to reenact how the state government really works. Elected student leaders lead debate in the House and Senate chambers and the student Governor holds office.

KUNA- The Kentucky United Nations Assembly is a student-run conference. Students are elected to serve as Secretary General, Security Council President and Summit Presidents. This three-day conference takes place in the early Spring and students debate global issues. During weekly meetings, students choose the countries to represent, prepare proposals about issues, make country placards, a building for the global village, country brochures, flags, native attire and an international stage dance or music.