Student Council

St. Patrick has had a student council for many years. However, in keeping with the accreditation team’s recommendation of providing more opportunities for student leadership, the student council program has been recently revamped. For this school year a leadership team will be assembled consisting of four middle school students. 5th and 6th graders may run for secretary and treasurer, 7th graders for VP, and 8th graders for president. The focus for this year will be educating and involving our students in the community and raising money and awareness of needy organizations in our community and building a sense of leadership within the students at St. Patrick.   

The leadership team will consist of four officers from grades 5 through 8- president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  These students will be a voice for our student body. They will work closely with teachers and other homeroom student council reps. They will be present and represent the school when needed, will conduct student council meetings, will make decisions about where money raised is donated, and will act as a role model of a positive leader for other students.

In addition to the leadership team, there is one representative from each homeroom in grades 5-8. These representatives are an integral part of the student council as well, and they are paired with a JK-4th grade homeroom to collaborate with on special projects and fundraisers.