As a St. Patrick Celtic, I have the Spirit of Christ in me so I will treat others with respect.  I aspire to fulfill my personal responsibilities, achieve academic excellence, contribute to our team, and serve Christ and others. 

School culture is perhaps the most important aspect of any successful school. It is our personality and brand as a community, and each of us plays a part. It is the attitude we carry around with us each and every day - to say that we are here for student success, and we are going to positively live out this idea in every conceivable way. 

Our faculty and staff work hard to get to know our students, set high expectations, and live out as best we can the message of “We Are St. Pats.” We recently added components to “We are St. Pats” that include reinforcing positive behavior and establishing procedures for the classrooms, special area rooms, hallways, restrooms, and the cafeteria. The idea is that we all speak the same language, and that when we work with students to help them learn and grow we tie everything back to “We Are St. Pats.” 

At the end of every school day, we read the precept in bold above. Each underlined phrase stands for a letter, and each action is achievable by every student and adult in our building every single day. We can all live with Christ’s spirit, treat others with respect regardless of our differing opinions or personalities, take personal responsibility for our actions, strive for academic excellence, be a team player, and serve others.  

It is our vocation at the #coolCatholicSchool to feed ourselves and our school culture with these ideals. I encourage our parents and volunteers to understand this precept as well and to use it daily. It is a great mantra to live by. 

We are St. Pats!